Danielle beavers

Diversity and Inclusion Director, Greenlining

As the Diversity and Inclusion Director, Danielle works to promote job creation for people of color. She leads Greenlining’s workforce and supplier diversity advocacy in the banking, environmental, health, technology, insurance, and utility industries. Danielle views diversity as the antidote to redlining in the job market, and works to ensure that anchor institutions and their regulators fully reflect and benefit communities of color. She serves as Vice Chair of the California Department of Insurance’s Diversity Task Force and is also a member of the California Utilities Diversity Council, Wells Fargo’s Supplier Diversity Advisory Group, and the Small Business Administration’s Los Angeles PLUM (Partnership for Lending in Underserved Markets) Market Research Action Group. She first came to Greenlining as the 2012 Community Reinvestment Fellow and received her B.A. from Stanford University in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity with Honors.